The Current Battle and the Bloodlines

Satanic Jews are from the blood lines of the Canaanites and Amelekites, the modern day Sicilians (Canaanites) and Ashkenazi. The Ashkenazi were the ones behind the Nazis who were persecuting Hebrew Jews intentionally because they are Satanic and loathe Judaism.

The Satanic Jews and the Ashkenazi have been working together behind the scenes to try and kill the majority of the humans according the pledge on the Georgia Guidestones.

The current battle is Draco fighting Draco. But it is Draco with Pleaidian genetics (A1+ Alpha Wolves) versus the ones that don’t have Pleadian genetics.

Luciferian Temple Knights / Masons of the West are Draco with Pleaidian genetics.

The Satanic Black Nobility of the East from the original Canaanite lines are pure Draco without Pleaidian genetics. Their goal is total annihilation of all pure RH+ by 2030 (see the Georgia Guidestones).

Donald Trump = RH-, Genetically Jewish and Draco but with Pleaidian genetics. He has the Satanic from the Canaanite lines which is balanced by the Pleaidian.

So we have Donald Trump / Charlemagne (Luciferian) against Joe Biden (Satanists).

The Satanists (the mongrels) are on the left hand path – the Canaanites.

The Luciferians are aiming to be in the middle.

So it is the Satanic left in battle against the Luciferian middle way.

Who is on the right hand path?

The three RH+ bloodlines the Satanist Draco want to kill off are pure A1+ Pleaidians, the pure B+ Sirians, and the pure O+ of Cain’s tribe.

The AB+ / AB- are feared by the upper echelon.

The AB+ are superhuman with beautiful, balanced energy.

A1B+ = Elyeon / L-ion

A2-B+ = Leviathan

A2-B- = Golden Dragon

A1- is a fusion of the Pleadian and RH- of the Draco.

A2- are Air Dragons from Esau’s clan.

The J line of Ham, son of Noah. Draco hybrids who came from that union are often pure evil. Curly/wavy hair, large hooked nose.

Alberto Bochicchio – High priest of Malta (Grand Master of Ceremonies). In the “Illuminati” the priest class is higher authority than kings and rulers, and is as high as one can get in terms of hierarchy. This makes him the most powerful man in the world. He is the top of the pyramid. The Maltese order he runs is known for their children’s “charities.” That’s mainly all they do in his organization centered around “helping” international children.

9 thoughts on “The Current Battle and the Bloodlines

      1. I’m AB+ and so is my wife. I always knew my type but when we found out hers a few months ago i was pretty blown away. For the odds of that happening.That link you posted a few comments up doesn’t work. Says Page not Found when i click it.


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