This is summarised for information only and is not to be taken as medical advice. Gene can email a copy of his full protocol to you if you contact him by email giving your country and county so that a regional coordinator can contact you with full instructions.

His email address is in the description box under the video which is linked below.

  1. Ask forgiveness from Jesus. 
  2. Make a covenant with God.
  3. Follow Jim Humble’s protocol – 
  4. Morgellons Direct Potassium Iodide (not Lugols*) 
  5. Zeolite pills 4 times per day
  6. Mud Mix food grade activated charcoal powder 1 x tablespoon
  7. Bentonite Clay 1 x tablespoon
  8. Diatamacious Earth 1 tsp
  9. CDS spray

* Having followed Dr Brownsteins Iodine Protocol I do not agree with Morgellons Directs opinion that taking Potassium Iodide is safer than taking Lugols.

Dr Brownstein recommends Lugols because it contains two types of iodine: Elemental Iodine and Potassium Iodide which are used by different parts of the body. The thyroid uses Potassium Iodide while the breasts, ovaries, and prostate use Elemental Iodine.

This is explained at the following website:

As usual do your own research before embarking on any supplementation programme. If you search Iodine in the search bar on the home page of this blog some of my articles on this topic will come up.

This is a good one to start:


  1. I would like to receive the vax detox protocol. I will lose my job if I don’t get the vax. Will this protocol kill EVERYTHING that’s in the vax? I’m leaning against it…

    Thank you so much,


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